Welcome to Premier Roofing

Premier Roofing has grown to become one of Victoria’s largest and most successful roofing contractors. We focus on servicing the commercial and industrial sectors and predominantly source our work from larger construction companies within the State of Victoria. With our long association with such companies as Australand, Vaughan Construction, Quanstruct, and many more large companies it has lead to our involvement on a number of significant large projects throughout the state.

Although our main expertise is within the commercial and industrial roofing projects we also service some of the Peninsula’s best builders, servicing their needs for quality workmanship to carry out projects to the highest standard that is required. It is our innovative and resourceful approach in these areas that has enabled us to become a leader in each of these fields.

At Premier Roofing we strive to be professional in every aspect of our business, we also strive to achieve the highest safety standards that are required for this type of work. Our quality workmanship and superior service give us the edge over our competitors.

At Premier Roofing you deal with experienced professionals who understand your roofing and roof insulation requirements - professionals who have been in the commercial metal roofing game long enough to also know there are times they need to go out of their way to research, assess and deliver unique solutions.

It is our commitment to deliver only the best commercial, industrial and domestic roofing solutions, we are consistently focused on self-assessment to ensure every job is our best work and to researching and adopting the best technologies.